President Trump’s campaign, along with state and national G-O-P groups are asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit over new rules on how Iowa election officials correct problems on absentee ballot request forms.

The new law forces county auditors to call, email or send a letter to voters if there’s missing or incorrect information on a ballot request form. Previously, county officials could cross-check voter registration data to correct discrepancies.

The lawsuit filed by the League of United Latin American Citizens and a Democratic non-profit argues the new process increases the risk some voters will not get their mail-in ballot on time. The Trump campaign and Republican groups have filed a motion asking an Iowa judge to dismiss the lawsuit.

Iowa GOP chairman Jeff Kaufmann says the new law is just common sense and protects the integrity of the voting process.

In addition, the Republican National Committee is asking Iowa’s Secretary of State to order Linn and Johnson County Auditors to stop mailing ballot request forms that include the voter’s ID number. Republicans say that’s a breach of election security. Democrats say many Iowans do not know what their voter ID number is or how to find it.