The annual rodeo in the southwest Iowa community of Carson starts this evening.

The event is on the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association circuit, which which has been scaled back due to the pandemic. Wade Grinager, the announcer hired for the Carson Rodeo, says his travel to rodeos around the country has decreased significantly.

“Twenty-six on a summer run and now down to five. This will be number three of the summer,” Grinager says. “It’s been different. There’s some things we’ve got to abide by and reflect to the crowd.”

The Carson Rodeo runs for three nights. Tonight’s opener will feature 447 competitors — including four world champions.

“I have more highlighted than I’ve ever had on a sheet about top 15 in the world,” Grinager says. “…It’s going to be an action-packed, phenomenal rodeo.”

The annual Sidney Rodeo began last night.

(Reporting by Austin McNorton, KMA, Shenandoah)