Due to the pandemic, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley says he’ll be watching tonight’s final night of the Republican National Convention on his TV at home, the first time he hasn’t attended the event in person since 1976.

As President Trump accepts his party’s nomination for another four years, Grassley says he’s hoping to hear the president address some key issues involving Iowa.

“I would like to have him acknowledge that help is needed for agriculture because of the low prices we have,” Grassley says. “It would be also right for him to praise the agreements that we have with the USMCA and with Phase One with China.”

As many of our nation’s cities are racked by violence relating to civil rights demonstrations, Grassley says the president should talk about finding a different approach to public safety.

“We acknowledge that threat to life and looting and fires and things that are going on in Portland, Minneapolis, Kenosha are wrong,” Grassley says, “and that he also very much supports the constitutional right of peaceful demonstration.”

Grassley praises the president’s rapid response to send federal aid to Iowa following the August 10th derecho, and he says tonight’s address will likely focus more on the big picture and the national recovery from the long-running crisis with COVID-19.

“I expect Trump will talk about his capability to rebuild our economy after this pandemic because he’s proven that he can build the best economy we’ve had since 1969,” Grassley says, “with the low unemployment and low inflation.”

Lastly, Grassley says he hopes the president makes a promise to continue appointing the same types of people to the U.S. Supreme Court as he has in the past. Trump’s expected to speak from the South Lawn of the White House about 9 PM/Central.