Donald Trump Jr.

Donald Trump, Jr., headlined a campaign rally in the small western Iowa town of Treynor Monday. He told the crowd of about 250 that Joe Biden is camouflage for the radical left.

“You’re not moderate Joe with Kamala Harris as your VP. You’re not moderate Joe with Beto ‘hell yeah I’ll take your AR15′ as your gun czar, right,” Trump said, as some in the crowd booed. “You’re not moderate Joe stealing Bernie Sanders’ platform…like that’s literally his policy. That is a radical, Marxist policy. Democrats are no longer Democrats, they’re communists.”

As his father did in 2016, the younger Trump has a populist message, accusing Biden of being a globalist when it comes to communist China.

“For 50 years, he’s been telling us, ‘No, no, no if we make them really rich and successful, maybe they’ll be like us,'” Trump, Jr. said.

The president’s oldest son joked that “Trump Derangement Syndrome” is worse than Covid-19 and the crowd in Treynor cheered.

“We don’t have the benefit of billions of dollars in the media. What we have the benefit of is hardworking Americans who have had enough, who want to live their American Dream,” Trump, Jr. said. “We have you guys.”

One of the loudest crowd responses was when the president’s son mentioned his father’s nomination for the Nobel Prize.

Nebraska Democrats responded to Trump’s appearance less than 20 miles from Omaha, saying “no member of the Trump family has any credibility to talk honestly with voters” after the president admitted to downplaying the pandemic.

(Photo and story by Ryan Matheny, KMA, Shenandoah)