Terry Branstad (file photo)

Terry Branstad returns to Iowa on October 5 after resigning as U.S. Ambassador to China. Branstad’s oldest son, a senior advisor for President Trump’s Iowa campaign, said the former Iowa governor will immediately hit the campaign trail.

“He wants to be everywhere doing everything to support certainly our local legislative candidates, our congressional candidates, Senator Ernst and certainly the president,” Eric Branstad said.

The former governor will campaign in other states as well.

“We’ll have him scheduled fully for 28 days and there’s only one level of work that he does and that’s turbo,” Eric Branstad said, “and he’s ready to put in that turbo kind of effort.”

The former governor is 73 years old. He’ll turn 74 after the election, on November 17th. He was Iowa’s youngest governor ever when first elected in 1982. He was elected to a sixth term as governor in 2014 and was confirmed as U.S. Ambassador to China in May of 2017.