Cedar Rapids police and fire investigators are looking into several fires in derecho debris piles stacked by the street waiting for pickup.

Cedar Rapids Fire Marshal Vance McKinnon was asked Wednesday if the fires were intentionally set.  He says they don’t know, and investigators are still working to determine if they were arson or accidental. They were investigating four fires and then two more were reported early this morning.

McKinnon says the burn ban is still in place so any backyard fires don’t accidentally send sparks into the debris piles. “We have to remember also that we have people with tarps on their roofs yeat. Some of those tarps can catch fire as well from those sparks, so that’s why the burn ban is staying in place,” McKinnon said.

Anyone with information about the fires is encouraged to contact the Cedar Rapids Fire Department at (319) 286-5200. The city has been picking up tree debris and a spokesperson says they will soon be shifting more resources to pick up the non-tree debris.