Due to the pandemic, far more Iowans than usual are staying home for the holidays, which may be the perfect time to sift through crowded closets, drawers and shelves.

Julie Braun, a professional home and office organizer, says Iowans should take stock of the clutter in their lives and make a plan for what to do with it.

Braun says there’s one thing most of us have way too much of — clothes.

“If you think about it, it’s just taking up wasted space,” Braun says, “and if you’re going to shrink or larger, it’s probably going to be out of style by then anyway.”

Taking on the whole garage or basement can be a daunting task, so Braun says to start small and organize each area, like a room or a closet, one at a time. She says a recent client of hers was delighted by the organizational process.

“She loved that feeling of everything is in its place,” Braun says. “I think it’s freeing for people. They don’t feel as bogged down by their stuff.”

Braun says most people keep paper items, like old bills and birthday cards, for way too long.

Another hint, when sorting through clothes, if you find something you haven’t worn in at least a year, donate it.