The state website tracking coronavirus data shows while hospital numbers are improving, more Iowans have died of Covid this month than during any previous month of the pandemic.

On November 1, there were 676 Covid patients in Iowa hospitals and that surged to 1527 on November 17. There’s been a more than 20 percent decline in hospitalizations over the past two weeks, but the death rate is accelerating.  On November 1,  the state website attributed the deaths of 1716 Iowans to Covid.

State officials require a death certificate and a positive Covid test before confirming a death is related to Covid. Shortly before 10 o’clock this morning, the Covid death toll on the state website was 2403.

The state website also shows a record 156 Iowa nursing homes have current coronavirus outbreaks among residents. Active infections have been confirmed among 4950 residents and nursing home staff.