Chuck Grassley (file photo)

Senator Chuck Grassley says President Trump must “take responsibility” for his actions in Washington on Wednesday.

Grassley issued a written statement, saying “as the leader of the nation, the President bears some responsibility for the actions that he inspires – good or bad.” Grassley went on to say that Trump “displayed poor leadership.”

Grassley is the longest-serving Republican in the U.S. Senate. He is not joining Democrats call for Trump’s removal from office before his term expires at noon on January 20.

In an email sent to supporters tonight, Grassley said he was proud to vote to re-elect President Trump and doesn’t doubt there were “irregularities” in the 2020 election, but Grassley said after all the lawsuits filed on Trump behalf were unsuccessful, he hopes people can put aside disappointment in the election results and join him in “accepting Joe Biden as our next president.”

Full Grassley letter below:

Dear Friend,
As you know, I was proud to vote to re-elect President Trump in the 2020 election.

That’s why I endorsed President Trump and stumped for him at more than 70 events on the campaign trail on his behalf. For example, the week before Election Day, I attended 31 events to support his re-election. He won Iowa by more than 8%.

From my leadership positions chairing the Senate Judiciary and Finance Committees, I’ve defended the president, fighting against the Russian interference hoax, exposing the origins of the Steele dossier, and revealing the truth about Hunter Biden. I’m not afraid to take on Democratic corruption that, sadly, the liberal media suppresses or ignores.

Joe Biden is not the president I worked hard for and he’s not who I wanted for the future of our country. I know you feel the same way.

I closely followed the 78 lawsuits looking into allegations of fraud and irregularities in this election. I don’t doubt there were irregularities. Unfortunately, none of those lawsuits was allowed to move forward. It’s clear we don’t have proof of enough illegal votes being counted to change the election results. That’s why we need to acknowledge the results of the election as certified by the states.

I share your frustration. And I’ll keep fighting for our shared agenda. We must prevent the Democrats from implementing their socialist policies and undoing all the good work President Trump has done: cutting taxes, supporting our farmers, protecting our borders, confirming judges and growing the strongest economy in history.

I understand why every grassroots supporter who volunteered, donated and voted for President Trump is disappointed. But we must continue to push forward. As always, I value your feedback and the emails I’ve received about the presidential election. Let’s keep the lines of communication open and hold the line for our values.

Lastly, we must not allow violence to undermine our cause and take away peace and prosperity from our children and grandchildren. From the looting and arson in cities across America last year to the violence on Wednesday in the U.S. Capitol, I strongly condemn all forms of violence. And I hope you’ll join me in putting aside our disappointment in the election results and accepting Joe Biden as our next president. I won’t let who is in the White House keep me from working as hard as ever to uphold what we care about most: freedom, faith, family security and economic prosperity.

Keep in touch,

Chuck Grassley