Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says congress should concentrate on working with the next president rather than impeaching the one who’ll be out of office in nine days.

“At least I’m looking forward to what I can do…to help Biden pull the country together,” Grassley said earlier today.

If the U.S. House approves articles of impeachment, Grassley said the timing of an impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate could interfere with the process of confirming Biden’s cabinet and addressing Biden’s policy agenda.

Grassley said he was ushered to safety so quickly last Wednesday, he didn’t realize how frightening the situation actually was until he got to a TV.

“What happened on Wednesday…that sort of insurrection is untenable,” Grassley said, “and the president’s comments didn’t help the matter any and made it worse.”

At this point, Grassley said he sees “very little opportunity” for Trump to lead the Republican Party in the future. Grassley spoke to reporters after a meeting in Newton. Earlier in the day, he was at the Iowa Capitol and administered the oath of office to his grandson to serve as speaker of the Iowa House.