Congresswoman Marianete Miller-Meeks tweeted this while waiting for the Inauguration.

Today is the day Republican Congresswoman Mariannette Miller-Meeks is officially asking the U.S. House to reject the challenge of her six-vote victory in the second district race.

The Des Moines Register reports that an attorney for Miller-Meeks is filing paperwork with the House Administration Committee today, saying the House should “follow precedent” and reject Democrat Rita Hart’s request for another review of ballots cast in the race. According to the newspaper, Miller-Meek’s attorney argues that for more than a century, the House has required candidates like Hart to exhaust all remedies under state law first before asking for the U.S. House to intervene.

State officials declared Miller-Meeks the winner on November 30 and Hart has said she did not ask for a review in state court because there wasn’t enough time for it to be completed by the December 8 deadline.

Hart’s campaign argues the recount in the race was not uniformly conducted and they’ve uncovered legally cast ballots that were not included in the final tally. Miller-Meeks has said there were legally cast votes for her that weren’t counted, too, and Miller-Meeks argues that is partly due to decisions made by Hart campaign representatives on recount boards.