Iowa Renewable Fuels Association executive director Monte Shaw is calling on the Biden Administration to reverse the ethanol waivers the Trump Administration granted the oil industry.

“The message from this one action, which could be taken immediately, would signify that we are truly entering a new, more hopeful phase for biofuels,” Shaw said.

Shaw delivered the opening speech at today’s virtual Renewable Fuels Summit and began by focusing on the Trump Administration’s decision to ignore court orders and grant waivers. Shaw then warned of the looming fight over accelerated production of electric vehicles as well as arguments about ethanol’s role in reducing carbon emissions.

“In short, we must be ready to do battle in 2021,” Shaw said.

Shaw said policymakers must consider whether normal working people can actually afford EVs — electric vehicles — or if they’re even best option to reduce carbon.

“Here’s the dirty little secret. An EV today, charged in a state like Missouri or Minnesota or many others that rely on coal for electricity actually has a higher carbon footprint per mile than my flex-fuel Tahoe motoring down the road powered by E85,” Shaw said. “Biofuel supporters must be ready to fight EV mandates in 2021.”

According to Shaw, research shows the carbon content of tailpipe emissions is reduced when a vehicle is running on ethanol blended fuel.

“Never in my lifetime has DC descended into the tribalism and lack of serious thought we are seeing today and, let’s face it, that’s saying something,” Shaw said. “…We are seeing elected officials hit the policy ‘easy button’ of an unworkable slogan that will fit on a bumper sticker instead of bringing people together to work on real solutions that require time, earnest effort and — heaven forbid — a bit of compromise.”

Shaw is asking the Iowa legislature to increase state grant money for retailers that install pumps for higher blends of ethanol. According to the Iowa Corn Growers Association, 57% of the corn harvested in Iowa is used to produce ethanol.