Governor Kim Reynolds says any new fuel pumps installed in Iowa should be able to dispense gas with at least a 10 percent blend of ethanol and the governor says B11 — 11 percent biodiesel — should be the standard for diesel pumps.

“As we look forward to this year’s legislative session, I am excited to advance policies that will grow the biofuels and ag industry,” Reynolds said this morning during remarks at the virtual Renewable Fuels Summit. “…That means making biofuels the clear choice for Iowa drivers.”

Many retailers offer two, three or even four blends of fuel from one pump and this would not require that every option be a higher blend of biofuel, but it would require E10 and B11 at least be offered from newly-installed pumps. A spokesman for the governor says a draft of the legislation Reynolds proposes will be released soon.

During her online appearance this morning, Reynolds said governors in Illinois, Nebraska and South Dakota are considering similar requirements for new fuel pumps.

“Minnesota has already taken some steps to help drive higher blends and so I think collectively we have a responsibility,” Reynolds said. “We’re better together.”

Reynolds also is asking Iowa legislators to expand the state grant program for installing fuel pumps that dispense higher blends of biofuels. The program has a $3 million budget this year. Reynolds suggests it should be $10 million next year.

“That will help accelerate and help fund the installation of higher-blend compatible infrastructure,” Reynolds said.

State records indicate there are more than 40,000 gas pump meters in Iowa.

Two years ago, Reynolds issued an executive order requiring the use of biodiesel in state-owned vehicles with engines that run on diesel. She’s asking legislators to pass a law this year to make that permanent state policy.