Senator Joni Ernst.

Iowa Senator Joni Ernst, a Republican from Red Oak, says the impeachment of former president Donald Trump won’t do anything to unify the country and there is still a question about whether a private citizen can be impeached.

Ernst says if there truly is a case against Trump, he can be held accountable in the courts, and it is up to the Senate to follow the U.S. Consitution. Ernst says President Joe Biden spoke about unity in his inaugural address —  but says the impeachment and other his actions won’t create unity.

“His actions have been totally opposite of that with so many of the executive orders that he has signed already. They are very, very, left-leaning liberal policies that will continue to divide the nation,” Ernst says, “you know he’s done that without engaging members of Congress.”

She says she wants to work with Democrats to get things done, but their leadership isn’t doing that. “The actions in the Senate of (Majority Leader) Chuck Schumer not agreeing upon the filibuster. Not agreeing that’s an important part of our institution and wanting to do away with minority rights in the Senate — which Republicans have upheld — even against President Trump, we upheld the minority rights in the Senate,” according to Ernst. “And Chuck Schumer is being very divisive.”

Ernst says some Democrats are trying to work across the aisle to get things done. “There’s a number of us who continue to work together to move forward on solutions. And right now, I just don’t see that guidance coming from the administration so far,” Ernst says.

Senators were sworn in today to serve as jurors in the impeachment trial. The trial will start on February 8th. Ernst made her comments during her weekly teleconference with reporters.