Leaders in Iowa City are trying to figure out how to move forward following an independent review of how Iowa City police officers’ use of tear gas against racial-justice protestors last summer.

The lengthy report found it was the Iowa State Patrol that made key decisions to block the marchers, though Iowa City police largely discharged the gas and flashbangs against protestors as they marched towards Interstate-80.

The report lists 39 recommendations for police training, de-escalation and communication. Mayor Bruce Teague says the city wants feedback.
“I think certainly the community is welcome to weigh in,” he says. “I also believe that we should task our chief of police to weigh in on this.”

The backlash against police led the city to ban the use of tear gas against peaceful protestors. Mayor Teague says they want to look at all things as they move forward.

“What tools in your toolbox do you want to have? And that’s where I believe certainly the community can weigh in but I want our police department to weigh in as well,” Teague says.

The city is also taking public comment on its preliminary plan to restructure the police department that also grew out of last summer’s protests.

(By Kate Payne, Iowa Public Radio)