A lawsuit has been filed to challenge a new state law that reduces the early voting period in Iowa.

Governor Kim Reynolds signed the bill into law Monday. The lawsuit seeking to block the changes is filed on behalf of the League of United Latin American Citizens.

Marc Elias, the lead attorney, said the voting restrictions in the new law “create an undue burden on the right to vote in violation of the Iowa Constitution.” The lawsuit cites the record turnout for the 2020 election and accuses Republican lawmakers of making it a priority to pass a bill that “restricts nearly every form of voting” that Iowans relied upon last year.

Republican Governor Kim Reynolds issued a statement when signing the bill, saying the new law “strengthens uniformity,” provides transparency and gives Iowans “even greater confidence to cast their ballot.”

The new law cuts the early voting period from 29 to 20 days, reduces the time during which Iowans can ask for an absentee ballot, and closes Election Day voting an hour earlier.