Davenport Police Chief Paul Sikorski.

Davenport police today announced the release of an autopsy on the remains found last week near DeWitt.

Chief Paul Sikorski was emotional as he delivered the findings. “We’ve received confirmation that the remains are those of Breasia Terrell,” Sikorski says.

Ten-year-old Breasia Terrell of Davenport went missing on July 10th and has been the subject of a national search and investigation. Chief Sikorski says it has been a hard nine months as they worked to find Terrell.

“This news is heartbreaking to both Breasia’s family and our Davenport community. Our deepest sympathies and heartfelt are with all of those who are affected by this tragic loss,” he says.

Breasia Terrell

Sikorski says the autopsy confirms they are now conducting a murder investigation.
“In order to maintain the integrity of this investigation — one that has been going on now for some nine months nonstop — I’m not able to comment on any specific investigative details at this time. And I hope you all will respect that,” he says.

He says this is just one more step forward in the investigation. “I can assure our community that investigators are working diligently to bring justice on Breasia’s half,” according to Sikorski.

Breasia and her half-brother spent the night with the boy’s father, Henry Earl Dinkins the night before she disappeared. Police have said Dinkins is a person of interest in the case. Sikorski would not say anything more about him.

“When we are able to share details on this investigation, we will,” he says. Chief Sikorski asked the community to continue its support of the family. “I don’t any of us wanted to be here and hear this and talk about it. I think it is going to help with closure,” he says, “It certainly is going to help with the closure of the investigation, the continuance of the investigation, and where that investigation goes. You know — it is tragic.”

Clinton County Sheriff Bill Greenwalt said a couple of people fishing at a pond in a rural area north of DeWitt on March 22nd found the remains.