Gov. Reynolds. (file photo)

The governor’s latest public health emergency proclamation makes clear the end is near on most pandemic-related regulatory relief.

Last year, Governor Kim Reynolds temporarily suspended many of the deadlines for renewing state licenses and many of those suspensions already have ended. Her latest public health proclamation says Iowans should not expect the few that remain to last beyond July 25. It means no more delays in license renewals for restaurants and bars, pesticide applicators and temporary teachers.

Tattoo artists and tattoo shops also have a tight deadline for renewing their licenses. They have until Tuesday, July 6 to renew their 2020 license without a penalty In addition, as of next Wednesday, tattoo businesses or artists with permits that expired in 2020 will no longer be able to work until they have renewed for the 2021 permit year.

The governor has signaled that pandemic-related limitations on accessing public records and conducting public meetings in Iowa will end July 25 as well.