The town of Lytton hopes to set a world record on July 26.

Lytton, with a population of around 300, will be the first stop on day two of this year’s RAGBRAI route, as thousands of bicyclists make their way from Sac City to Fort Dodge. Scott Matter, co-chair of Lytton’s RAGBRAI committee, says they’ve done the research with the Guinness Book of World Records team.

“We want to have the largest ever goat yoga class. The current record is 500 people and 115 goats and our goal is to get 800 people and 160 goats, I think,” Matter says, “so that should be a lot of fun to watch.”

There will also be a hay bale challenge in Lytton, too, to see how far someone can toss a square bale. Lytton’s theme for the day is “A Slice of Heaven” — fully leaning into the most popular food item on RAGBRAI routes.

“We like to say it’s the pie capital of America,” Matter says. “We have a group of people in town…who have come together to bake hundreds of pies…and our goal is to raise money for the fire station from all of that.”

Matter, who is formerly of Lytton, now lives in Des Moines and was among the crew who rode the RAGBRAI route Inspection Tour in mid-June.

(By Chantelle Grove, KCIM, Carroll)