Daniel Groen. (KICD photo)

A northwest Iowa family is publicly thanking a delivery driver who alerted them to a fire last month. Matt Dorr of rural Ashton says the UPS driver was dropping off a package and saw smoke rising from a shed.

“Normally our UPS guy doesn’t ring the doorbell. He knows we have a small child. Well, this UPS man wouldn’t stop ringing the doorbell until we came to the door,” Dorr says. “At first we were frustrated, but when we got to the door, he’s like: ‘Is that building supposed to be doing that?’ And we were like: ‘What are you talking about?’ and we ran around to the side of our house. It was totally in the back and we wouldn’t have seen it from the house until the whole building was engulfed.”

Dorr says he ran to get a water tank and his wife started dragging the garden hose toward the shed to fight the fire when UPS driver Daniel Groen grabbed it.

“He runs into the building himself and starts putting the fire out for us,” Dorr says. “I came back and started to…pull equipment out because it…had tractors and combines and all sorts of stuff in there.”

Groen was covering the delivery route for another driver and it was the first time he’d been on the property. The Dorrs are renters and someone else owns the shed. Dorr says the fire was started by someone burning a brush pile in the backyard of the property when the wind picked up and blew the fire up the side of the shed.

(By Matt McWilliams, KICD, Spencer)