A report of a possible drowning in southwest Iowa last night has a happy ending.

A motorist spotted a stroller along Highway 6 at the Turkey Creek Bridge near Lewis and became concerned. There was blood nearby and evidence someone had been in the water — so authorities were called.

Cass County Sheriff’s Deputy Preston Harter says it was apparently all a big misunderstanding.

“The police department ended up contacting a couple that had been out there with their toddler,” Harter says. “We assumed whatever we found was remnants of a fish but we still investigated, just to cover our tails.”

Numerous agencies including the Southwest Iowa Dive Team and drone operator teams for Cass and Shelby counties were called to search for a possible victim.

Thankfully, all family members were accounted for. It turns out, the couple had been fishing, toddler in tow, and simply forgot to take the stroller with them.

(Ric Hanson, KJAN, Atlantic)