University of Iowa officials are planning to attach a name to a facility on the Iowa City campus, but details won’t be released until next week.

A spokesman for the Board of Regents says University of Iowa officials “will present details” about the proposed facility naming at the board’s July 28 meeting. No word on whether it’s an entire building or some facility within a structure — or even whether the name is being attached to something new or replacing something that’s already named.

Board of Regents guidelines say campus facilities may be named for donors or other persons living or dead as well as for businesses or foundations. The three state universities are to consider whether the name provides an overall benefit to the institution and whether it relates to the university’s mission. Naming a building for a corporation should avoid conflicts of interest, according to the guidelines.

The Board is scheduled to vote on naming whatever University of Iowa facility is identified shortly after its revealed next Tuesday. It’s similar to the process used in 2015 when the board approved naming the new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital for the Stead Family. Businessman Jerre Stead and his wife,Mary Jo, are Maquoketa natives who went to Iowa and have donated millions to the university.