Randy Feenstra. (KSCJ photo)

Congressman Randy Feenstra has gotten language included in a House ag bill for wildfires and hurricanes that would also cover the 2020 derecho-related losses .

“I am very pleased to see the committee come together working on this bipartisan legislation for our farmers and our producers. I am also so very pleased to see the legislation include production losses caused by high winds and derechos,” Feenstra says.

Feenstra has been pushing for several months to get the derecho coverage after the derecho caused the loss of 850,000 acres of crops. “This was the most costly thunderstorm in U.S. history — costing about $7.7 billion. I am very pleased that our committee is continuing these efforts to ensure that Iowa farmers and farmers across the country receive disaster relief they need to offset these massive losses by these events,” Feenstra says.

Feenstra is a Republican from Hull.

(By Woody Gottburg, KSCJ, Sioux City)