Waterloo Columbus logo.

A group has formed with the intent of removing the name Columbus from Waterloo Columbus High School.

Group member John McCoy says they are concerned about the history of the explorer Christopher Columbus. “I first became aware of it in the summer of 2020. John Farley, a sociologist, professor, had started a group that was investigating the history of Christopher Columbus. The concern was that the history as taught to us in grade school and high school was not accurate,” McCoy says.

Mccoy says that as they began to research the voyages of Columbus troubling information began surfacing. “This group was concerned that what was not disclosed was the inhuman treatment of Native Americans,” McCoy. The group presented its case to the Cedar Valley Catholic School Board and the Archdiocese of Dubuque.

“The board denied the name change, also said our faith has never been identified holiness with perfection of behavior,” McCoy says. “And we are saying we are not criticizing Christopher Columbus because he wasn’t perfect — it was because he was involved in human slavery. sexual abuse, mutilation, and killing of Native Americans. McCoy says since their request has been denied, the group is looking to raise awareness of the issue.

(By Robert Jones, KFVD, Fort Dodge)