Allamakee County Courthouse. (Allamakee County website photo)

The Allamakee County Board of Supervisors decided against naming the county a Second Amendment sanctuary during its meeting this morning.

A proposed resolution was brought to the board asking the county to reaffirm its commitment to constitutional rights, especially the second amendment. Board member

Mark Reiser made a motion to support the measure but it died for lack of a second. Board chair Larry Schellhammer said while he supports the second amendment, he felt the resolution would take the board into a political arena they don’t want to go.

Supervisor Dan Byrnes said all elected officials swear to uphold the state and federal constitution when they take the oath of office and that alone is affirming support for an individual’s constitutional rights.

Leaders in at least four Iowa counties, Cedar, Hardin, Jasper, Madison, have approved the Second Amendment sanctuary status.

(By Darin Svenson, KDEC, Decorah)