Rep. Ashley Hinson. (RI photo)

Republican Congresswoman Ashley Hinson of Marion says she will likely oppose the bipartisan infrastructure package that cleared the U.S. Senate last month and she will vote against raising the federal government’s borrowing limit, often called the debt ceiling.

“Unfortunately what we’re seeing in this country is our credit card is maxed out,” Hinson says. “Our bill is due.”

The White House is warning that if Congress fails to vote to raise the federal debt limit by October, some federal operations would shut down, Social Security payments would be delayed and financial markets would plunge. Hinson is among the Republicans who say it’s the obligation of Democrats who have majorities in the House and Senate to deal with the financial fall-out.

“Unfortunately, they seem to be rolling full steam ahead with $3.5 trillion in spending,” Hinson says. “…As we look at that looming crisis, they’re responsible for all this spending.”

Democrats say the debt limit must be raised to pay for previously approved spending, much of it during the Trump Administration, not future spending.

Hinson made her comments during this morning’s taping of “Iowa Press” which airs tonight on Iowa PBS. The program began with questions about the state’s redistricting process. Just two of the 20 counties Hinson currently represents are in the proposed first district outlined in the redistricting plan released yesterday. Hinson, who lives in Linn County, said she’s not offering any advice to the state legislature, which in October will vote up or down on the plan for redrawing congressional and legislative district lines.

“I’m interested in serving my district, not drawing my district and the state legislators are going to continue to do their job and I’m going to continue to do mine and I’m not focused on any of these hypotheticals right now,” Hinson said. “I’m focused on getting out and hearing from Iowans.”

Hinson won a seat in the U.S. House last November, two days after speaking at then-President Donald Trump’s rally in Dubuque, which is in the current first district. Hinson said she will likely to attend Trump’s rally in Des Moines next month to connect with voters who support both her and the former president.

“President Trump’s Administration was very successful in, you know, trying to get big government out of the way and cut red tape,” Hinson said. “…Ultimately, when I’m talk about connecting with Iowans and their kitchen table issues, they’re not focused on all of the drama, they’re focused on how am I going to put food on the table for my family, what’s the kids’ baseball tonight that I have to coordinate while I’m trying to still do my job — those are the things that people are concerned about, not all of the political infighting.”