Rep. Ashley Hinson. (RI photo)

First District Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has publicly stated she would consider a run for the U.S. Senate if fellow Republican Chuck Grassley decided not to run again.

Grassley announced early this morning he is running, and Hinson says she supports that decision. “I’m on Team Grassley, we need him in the U.S. Senate, and I am behind him 100 percent for his reelection campaign,” Hinson says. “We need to keep Iowa red in 2022.”

Hinson says Grassley is key to the Republican party’s effort to get back in the majority. “I think it’s absolutely imperative based on what’s happening here — we see the direction Democrats are trying to take this county. We need to flip the House and the Senate in 2002 — and that path runs straight through Iowa,” according to Hinson. “I’m thrilled that he’s announced he is running again, I anticipate a long time serving alongside Grassley as partners for Iowa.”

Hinson declined to comment on how Grassley’s announcement and the proposed dramatic changes in her district will impact her decision in 2022, she says she is focused now on representing the district she is in.

(This story was updated to include Hinson’s comments on representing her current district.)