A jury in Sioux County District Court found 71-year-old Gregg Winterfeld of Spirit Lake guilty for a second time on a charge of second-degree murder.

The case started on May 9 of 2020, when Grant and Theresa Wilson of Cleghorn, Iowa, were visiting Winterfeld at a rural Ireton, Iowa, home. Grant Wilson and Winterfeld spent the day drinking alcohol, and at one point, Winterfeld locked Wilson out of the home, and armed himself.

Winterfeld attempted to persuade Wilson to come back inside, but when he refused, Winterfeld shot him. Winterfeld was charged with first-degree murder in March and was found guilty of second-degree murder at trial. Before sentencing however, the court noted a procedural mistake and ordered a new trial.

The retrial ended around 9:00 p.m. Tuesday with a second jury finding Winterfeld guilty of second-degree murder. A new sentencing hearing has yet to be scheduled.

(By Mark Buss, KSOU, Sioux Center)