Rep. Ashley Hinson. (RI photo)

Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson has sponsored a bill in response to a video showing a nighttime charter flight of immigrants into the country.

“This legislation is pretty simple, it would prohibit taxpayer dollars from funding the transport of illegal immigrants into our country, into our communities. Whether that is by plane or by bus,” Hinson says. Hinson, a Republican from Marion, says the Biden administration isn’t answering any questions on the flights.

“We know the video footage that was made public last week was from August. The truth is, we don’t know how many of those flights there have been since then — because the administration won’t come forward with that information,” Hinson says.

She says her “Stop the Betrayal Act” is an attempt to get the administration to live up to its promise to be open about what it is doing. “Flying illegal immigrants into the country in the dead of the night doesn’t exactly scream transparency to me,” according to Hinson. The Iowans I’ve talked with about this are frankly outraged. They don’t want their tax dollars to fund these flights. They want to know how much was spent, where else has the administration flow illegal immigrants. Are they tracking them once they are here? ”

Hinson says instead of securing our border by enforcing the Remain in Mexico policy, giving border patrol agents the resources they need, and completing the wall–the Administration is pursuing a “catch and release” policy and secretly flying illegal immigrants into the country with no way to track to them.