Senator Grassley. (file photo)

Iowans who spend a lot of time on social media likely know someone who’s been put in “Facebook Jail” for posting something administrators deemed inappropriate, but most wouldn’t think Senator Chuck Grassley would be part of that club.

The Republican says his Grassley Works campaign shared a Fox News article on its Facebook page about the investigation into the 2016 presidential campaign last week and it was censored as “false information.”

Grassley says, “It’s an example of censorship that a lot of Iowans face or a lot of Americans face, from censorship of political speech, censorship of medical information, censorship of just investigations, and mine is an example of that.” Grassley says the article referenced federal court filings and analysis from a former congressional investigator in regards to allegations of Russian collusion.

Grassley says it shouldn’t have been considered “fake news” by Facebook. “We just think that censorship is wrong,” Grassley says, “and we presented enough facts that the public should be notified about it and that the designation that Facebook gave to it was unreasonable.”

Grassley says censorship in social media isn’t new, and in a written statement said:
“…the rules used to only pertain to obscene or threatening material. Now, woke Big Tech monopolists are censoring news that undermines their preferred worldview and preference for Democrat political candidates.” Grassley says the “Silicon Valley liberals” should not be allowed “to silence conservatives and decide what topics we are allowed to discuss.”