An Iowa-based company is now selling eco-friendly shampoos and other hair care products for people and pets around the planet.

Joel Roodman is managing partner of the Logic Product Group, which is headquartered in Fairfield. Roodman’s family was living in New York City when his daughter came home from school with a bad case of head lice.

“My wife, Jill, purchased the first thing that she could see which was an over-the-counter product, which she brought home and applied it to our daughter’s head,” Roodman says. “Our daughter went into anaphylactic shock, unfortunately, but she was able to recover, and after she did, Jill did enough research to realize that she put basically poison on our daughter’s head.”

After months of exhaustive research, Jill began making and bottling a natural, non-toxic lice shampoo in her kitchen sink which she shared with other parents — and it soon became her primary business. The LiceLogic product line expanded to include shampoos, conditioners, sprays and a mousse, as well as a pet grooming line and children’s bath and body products.

Joel Roodman (Submitted photo)

Roodman says he and his wife decided to abandon New York and raise their kids in a small town, settling on Fairfield, for its size, location and mindset. Plus, he says, it was a good move for their business.

“We have a building in downtown Fairfield,” Roodman says. “It’s about 8,000 square feet which is a fraction of what we were paying in costs in Manhattan, not only for our offices there but also for warehouse space and we just moved here and we’ve been here four years and the business is thriving.”

Roodman says everything is being made in America, even the bottles, while about 75-percent of the company’s products are sold through Amazon all across the U.S., as well as in the U.K. and Asia. Thanks to e-commerce, he says their small staff can satisfy all of the orders.

“We manufacture both in California and in New York and we ship directly to our warehouse here, which is — in our mind — in the center of the United States,” Roodman says. “So it saves on shipping and then from there, we sub-distribute to distribution centers, where Amazon has close to 300 now, and then it’s available around the country immediately.”

Logic products are made using plant- and mineral-derived ingredients, he says, with plans to expand further to include lines to combat ticks and fleas as well as bedbugs.