Four weeks before the Primary Election, Iowa Republicans have established a campaign office in central Iowa in preparation for the General Election. G

overnor Kim Reynolds spoke to a crowd at the West Des Moines location this weekend, listing the GOP candidates for statewide office who’ll be on the November ballot. “And, it’s important that not only do you start at the top, but you go all the way down because our local officials need your help, too,” Reynolds said. “That is our bench.”

Reynolds had raised $4.8 million for her reelection by the end of 2021 and this weekend she was focused on turnout for what she described as “a pivotal election” in November. “I think we’re going to see a good turnout,” Reynolds said, “but I’m going to help make that happen.”

Reynolds is unopposed in the June 7th Primary. The Iowa Democratic Party is hiring a director to coordinate campaign efforts for candidates across the General Election ballot.