Michael Lang listens to testimony in his trial. (KCRG photo)

The trial continues for the Grundy Center man accused of killing State Trooper Jim Smith during a standoff last April.

Former Grundy County Deputy Zach Anderson took the stand again today and testified about what he saw as Smith tried to enter Michael Lang’s home through the garage. “He said gun or stop or his voice raised and I heard the gun and get back,” Anderson says.

Prosecutor Douglas Hammerand questioned Anderson.  “After you heard Sergeant Smith say gun, did he stay or was he moving at that time?,” Hammerand asked. “He’s moving backwards,” Anderson replied.”What did you see or hear next? I heard a loud hollow shot,” Anderson replied. ” And when you heard that loud, hollow shot, did that sound like any type of gun that you were familiar with?,” he asked. “Shotgun,” Anderson replied”

Anderson then described the events following the shots. “I heard returned fire that sounded different I don’t know how many shots. I heard returned fire and I saw Sergeant Smith lowering back to the ground,” he says. Anderson became emotional as he continued to describe what happened after the exchange of gunfire.

“There’s call outs on the radio shots fired. And I know call for medical, and at one point I stepped forward. But then I stepped back because I knew I couldn’t go in front of that door,” Anderson says. “And why not?,” Hammerand asked. “From my training and I know that’s like the fatal funnel. If you walk in front of that you’re gonna either be a problem or create one,” Anderson says.

Lang is charged with first-degree murder. His defense attorneys are trying to show that officers illegally entered the home and Lang was justified in firing at them. The trial is being held in Hamilton County at Webster City on a change of venue.