A sixth-grade math and science teacher at South Hardin Middle School in Eldora has resigned after allegedly spouting his personal political views in the classroom.

Paul Miller had been on administrative leave since April from the school. During a special meeting, the Hubbard Radcliffe Community School Board and Miller mutually agreed to the resignation agreement.

The Iowa Standard website is reporting that Miller was caught on camera telling his students he cannot understand how anyone supported President Donald Trump.

The revelation comes less than a week after undercover interviews were released with a handful of educators in central Iowa about efforts to violate the law when it comes to teaching Critical Race Theory in the state.

The board will begin advertising for a new sixth grade teacher at South Hardin. The substitute teacher who has been serving the students for the last three weeks will continue serving the students for the final few weeks of the current school year.

Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City