Food pantries across Iowa are seeing an increase in demand as inflation continues to have an impact on Iowa families.

Food Bank of Iowa spokesperson, Annette Hacker, says the dollar isn’t going as far as it used to. “With these record food fuel and housing prices, it really is leaving a lot of Iowans many of our neighbors hard-pressed and having a hard time making ends meet,” Hacker says.

Hacker says she’s talked with many of their partners and affiliates about the problem. “And they’re all telling us the same thing — they’re seeing greater need and more people coming to shop at the pantries — and in fact some people they haven’t seen in a couple of years who again are needing help,” she says.

Hacker says anyone who wants to help can do so by making a donation. “We appreciate all kinds of support at Food Bank of Iowa, whether that’s food, friends, or funds. That’s really the trifecta there, but the fact is we can do a lot more with money,” she says.

Hacker says they get the most out of the money donated, and their cost is 40 cents for one meal.
“You think about what you can do at the grocery store — 40 cents doesn’t go very far — but we can source a meal or one-point-two pounds of food for about 40 cents. We really do stretch those dollars far,” she says.

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(By Pat Powers, KQWC, Webster City)