Christy Taylor,Gov. Reynolds, Rob Taylor.(RI-photo)

Governor Reynolds has signed a bill into law that lifts the cap on the amount of alcohol Iowa distilleries may produce. It also lets smaller distilleries sell up to nine liters of alcohol to retail customers at their locations. Larger Iowa distillerie are already allowed to sell that amount to a retail customer.

Reynolds went to the Revelton Distillery in Osceola for a ceremony to sign the bill, which deals with a wide-range of state liquor control issues.

“The bill does several things to enhance Iowa’s licensing and permitting processes for alcohol distributors. It creates Sunday sales parity for all retail license and alcohol permits and it simplifies the permitting process for non-profit organizations applying for licenses for events,” Reynolds said. “…Finally, the bill – which I love — will help quickly modernize the outdated process for applying for, renewing and paying for licenses.”

It changes the licensing system for producers and sellers of beer, wine and alcohol, including the fee structure. Rob Taylor and his wife, Christi, own the Revelton Distillery in Osceola. He said the bill will allow native distilleries expand, as they’ve been restricted to producing 1,600 barrels of bourbon and whiskey each year.

“Because of this bill, it allows us as a distillery….to make unlimited amounts of fine spirits and be competitive not only within our state, but within our region — and also our dream is to be competitive globally,” Taylor said. “We have the best corn in the world in Iowa and I think, because of that, we should have some of the finest spirits in the world.”

The legislation became a catch-all for several proposals. It includes new restrictions for food delivery companies like GrubHub, Uber Eats and DoorDash.