The Sioux County Sheriff’s Office will be hosting a National Association of School Resource Officers (NASRO) Basic School Resource Officer training course this summer.

Sioux County School Resource Officer Waylon Pollema is part of the Iowa SRO Association and he looks forward to the training. “They have an advanced course, they have an adolescent mental health class they’ve got a supervisor one. They just they offer a ton of school resource officer training the best in the nation,” according to Pollema.

Sioux Center is considering adding an SRO and Pollema says that’s another reason he thought it would be good to have the training in the area. The course is a forty-hour block of instruction designed for law enforcement officers and school safety professionals working with school administrators.

Pollema says role of an SRO has three directives. “You’d have a uniformed officer with a marked vehicle in front of the school, you’re helping the safety and security crisis planning and policy and stuff like that helping the school administration,” Pollema says.

The second is teacher & law related education which Pollema says is when officers come into the classroom and help in the class with whatever the teacher wants. Pollema says the third part of the triad is the most important, and his personal favorite, counseling students.

With school shootings in the news recently, Pollema says SROs play a role, but the majority of planning for serious situations like that start at the local level. “Obviously, school resource officers are involved in the planning and stuff like that in the school building center there’s a component to that but that’s a whole other thing where you can probably have a whole other week’s training to train an officer to do that,” he says.

Pollema says NASRO provides top-notch training in all three of those concepts. The training course will be held August 8th-12th at the new Sioux Center Community High School.

(By Mark Buss, KSOU, Sioux Center)