With inflation and gasoline prices in record or near-record territory, many Iowans are concerned about saving — and spending — money.

Kimberly Palmer, a staff writer for the financial advice website NerdWallet.com, says managing money often starts with your emotions and there are ways to keep them under control. Palmer says one way is called a “body check-in.”

“We can have physical reactions that are an indicator of the emotions that we’re having,” Palmer says. “So if you notice you’re about to make a big decision, say your real estate shopping and deciding whether or not to buy a house, you might have a physical reaction where you suddenly feel so stressed out, and you’re not really sure exactly why and it can be a good chance for you to say, ‘Hey, I need to take a break. I need to go for a walk,’ you know, get a different perspective.”

One way to gain a new perspective is to consider what is entailed in your own personal money story.

“This goes back to our childhood, how did our parents talk to us about money, and it can actually impact how we make choices today,” Palmer says. “For example, if your parents were extremely frugal, and they really passed that on to you, you might be extremely frugal today but perhaps it’s something you want to make tweaks to or make some adjustments. You don’t have to be defined by your previous money story.”

Before making a big spending decision, Palmer suggests reflecting on -other- money decisions you’ve made recently.

“Really think back on those last three money decisions probably happened within the last 24 hours or week. We make these decisions all the time,” Palmer says. “It can just give you some insight into potential changes you want to make and how you make those choices.”

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