Jennifer Konforst. (file photo)

House Democratic Leader Jennifer Konfrst says she’s not sure the governor’s decision to set aside federal pandemic relief money for the Field of Dreams TV series is the best use of that $6 million.

“I think we could be doing things like passing legislation that makes teachers want to live here, that makes families want to move here,” Konfrst said during an appearance on Iowa Press on Iowa PBS. “I think we could be doing a lot more in economic development when it comes to making Iowa a welcoming state for all, not just raising awareness about one tourist attraction in the state.”

Konfrst said she supports spending tax dollars on quality of life projects, like bike trails, and improvements to cultural and tourist spots in Iowa that encourage people to move to here, but Konfrst suggested state backing of a TV production is a whole different ball game.

“I love the Field of Dreams. I love Dyersville and think it’s a great place that should be supported,” Konfrst said. “I just don’t think that in this environment tax dollars should be going to something like that, at that level.”

The Peacock Network has pulled out of the project. Universal Television is now shopping the series to other networks and streaming services. Republican Governor Kim Reynolds yesterday said the $6 million is pledged as reimbursement for costs, if the series is made.