As the world’s biggest online retailer celebrates its birthday today and Wednesday with sales on a wide range of products, Iowans are warned to be doubly cautious before they double-click.

Amazon’s two-day Prime Days event is compared to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but Bao Vang at the Better Business Bureau says beware of phishing scams, misleading ads and lookalike websites.
“We just cannot resist a sale and scammers know that,” Vang says. “They know our emotions are running high at this moment.”

Vang says to read everything carefully, even on Amazon’s own sales, in case something seems too good to be true. While Amazon may be offering some good deals, Vang says online shopping can be risky.
“Amazon has now risen to the number-one spot, the number-one brand most impersonated by scammers,” she says.

Vang warns Iowans to check the fine print on whatever it is they’re buying to make sure they’re actually paying for what they want and not a cheap knock-off.