Senator Ernst. (photo from Ernst’s office)

Republican Senator Joni Ernst objects to President Biden’s executive order for nationwide access to medication abortion and emergency contraception.

“I am outraged by the president’s actions,” Ernst said today. “…I don’t believe the president should have engaged the way that he did when it comes to abortion issues.”

President Biden’s move came two weeks after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned its 1973 Roe v Wade decision. Ernst said it’s now up to states to regulate abortion.

“I know that there are a lot of heated arguments and discussions that will happen because of this decision. That’s okay,” Ernst said. “I just want to remind everybody that a decision has been made by an independent branch of the federal government. It will go back to those states – those governors, those elected representatives — for decisions to be made that will be right for those states.”

In May, the Washington Post reported that if Republicans win control of congress in this fall’s election, Ernst would lead an effort next year to ban abortions nationwide. During a conference call with Iowa reporters, Ernst was asked if she’ll introduce such a bill in the Senate.

“I am adamantly pro-life and I do believe that the Supreme Court made the right decision in the Dobbs case by sending these decisions back to state and local authorities,” Ernst replied. “So again (I’m) adamantly pro-life and I’m anxious to see what the Iowa legislature and the governor will be debating on this issue.”

Ernst said she believes presidential action on abortion-related policies — like the executive order Biden issued last Friday — are unconstitutional. Biden has called the court’s decision on abortion wrongheaded, but the president told reporters last week the only way to ensure access to abortion is by electing lawmakers who support abortion rights.