Tom Miller. (RI file photo)

Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller is encouraging Iowa lawmakers to support a “red flag” law. Red flag law involves reporting concerns to the police who can temporarily take a gun away from someone.

Miller, a Democrat, says Iowa should take advantage of  $750 million dollars allocated to states to develop and implement red-flag laws, or extreme risk protection orders. Miller says studies have show the laws to be effective.

Miller said in his statement, “Red-flag laws empower family, friends, and others to prevent tragedies.”

Governor Kim Reynolds, a Republican was asked about the possibility of a Red Flag law here following a news conference earlier this week. She says adding another law doesn’t end the problem. “No matter how many laws or rules you have on the books, if somebody has evil within their heart, you can’t handle that. If somebody has, you know, horrific parents that they’ve been raised with, you can’t, laws can’t change that,” she says. “Or if there’s a mental illness that we’ve not been able to provide access and treatment to help them live a better life.”

Reynolds says she is not ruling out Red Flag laws — but says Illinois had a red flag law in place and people were still killed by a gunman in the Highland Park shooting.

Democrat lawmakers have made attempts to introduce legislation for Red Flag laws, but Republicans control debate in the House and Senate and have not advanced any legislation on the issue.