T.J. Otzelberger

Iowa State basketball coach T.J. Otzelberger says the style of play has been set and it is now about building on it. The Cyclones used a grinding defensive style to go from two wins in 2021 to a run to the Sweet-16 last season.

“Coming off a Sweet-16 it helps immensely because guys have that belief starting out”, said Otzelberger. “Last year we were creating a vision and now we are trying to build on that vision.”

The Cyclones finished 21st in the country last season by giving up just over 62 points per game and ranked tenth in the nation in steals.

“At the same time that doesn’t necessarily mean the outcomes will be better”, added Otzelberger. “It does not mean you are entitled to winning games but we have been really pleased with the progress we have made this summer.”