Liz Mathis at the Iowa State Fair. (RI photo)

Democrat Liz Mathis says her Republican opponent,  Congresswoman Ashley Hinson, has voted against bills that will benefit Iowans, like the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

“She’s been voting the wrong way,” Mathis said during a speech on the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox. “She’s been saying, ‘No,’ to a lot of things where she should be saying, ‘Yes.'”

Hinson, a Republican from Marion, said she voted no on the infrastructure package because it was a leap “toward socialism” that went beyond spending on “physical infrastructure.” Mathis, a Democrat from Hiawatha, said the bill means $5 billion of infrastructure investments will be made in Iowa.

“And invest in 4000 endangered bridges, fix roads, fix broadband — not only the quality, but the quantity. to expand that. That will expand a lot of economic development. She voted no, now remember that, but also took credit about two weeks later for a project that was funded by infrastructure money,” Mathis said. “That is not the Iowa way.”

Hinson said she advocated for Iowa projects because once Biden signed the bill last year there was “money on the table.” Mathis said Hinson should have voted for the bill Biden signed last week that included a series health care and energy-related proposals backed by Democrats in congress.

“That has so many provisions to help all of us,” Mathis said. “It’s going to save us money and there are biofuels measures in this bill.”