Sheldon Time Capsule. (KIWA photo)

The northwest Iowa town of Sheldon is getting some national media attention for a lost time capsule that, well, is not lost.

Reports indicated the location of the time capsule buried during Sheldon’s centennial celebration back in 1972 had been lost to time, leaving officials without its precise location. The capsule is to be opened as part of Sheldon’s sesquicentennial celebration on Friday.

“A big misunderstanding, I think,” says Ashley Nordahl, Sheldon’s Chamber director. We always knew where the time capsule was. It was just a matter of making sure that we could get to it,” she says. “There is a little bit of concrete that’s laid around it, so we did not want to create a mess in front of Celebration Days.”

Nordahl says the time capsule ceremony and other events are all on as scheduled in Sheldon.

(By Scott Van Aartsen, KIWA, Sheldon)