A district court judge has ordered two Davenport men to remove an estimated 2,000 tires from a rental property in a residential neighborhood.

The judge has ordered Timothy James Peters and David Omar Mercado to quit adding to the tire pile at the site and clear out all the tires that are there within 60 days.

According to a news release from the Iowa Attorney General’s office, the men had applied for a state permit to collect waste tires from local businesses in the Quad Cities, but the permit was denied. The Department of Natural Resources notified the men last fall that they were not authorized to collect tires.

At the beginning of this year, the agency issued a $10,000 fine to each man and ordered them to quit hauling and dumping tires and to properly dispose of the tires they had. The judge has ordered the pair to pay the $20,000 in fines assessed by the DNR and he added a $70,000 civil penalty.