The Capitol Police officer who diverted a mob of rioters away from the U.S. Senate on January 6, 2021 has testified at an Iowa man’s trial in Washington, D.C.

Doug Jensen of Des Moines is charged with a number of felonies and four Capitol Police officers testified at his trial yesterday.

Video widely broadcast and shared on social media last year showed Jensen leading a line of rioters confronting Capitol Police Officer Eugene Goodman. Goodman testified that as Jensen and the mob advanced up flights of stairs, ignoring his orders to halt, “it felt like they were going to rush me any time.”

Prosecutors say Jensen was among the first 10 rioters to breach the Capitol. He was escorted out of the building once, but went back in through a broken window and had to be escorted out a second time.

Jensen’s attorney has urged the jury to consider Jensen’s attire for the day when making their decision, arguing Jensen was not dressed for battle, but was dressed in costume. Jensen was wearing a t-shirt to show his support of an online conspiracy theory.