Swan Lake State Park in Carroll will be the site of a seven-stop Halloween event for kids and adults tomorrow.

Carroll County Conservation Naturalist Kristen Bieret says activities are spread out over about half of the 500-acre park. “We’ll actually have a hay ride so people can get to all of the different places,” she says.

Two female eagles live in an enclosure in the park and experts are bringing in an owl and a red-tailed hawk for a raptor demonstration. That’s one of the seven stops on the Halloween tour. Two bison live in another part the park.

“We have two female bison. One’s 30 and the other one’s about six and they live in a pasture right behind our conservation education center,” she says. “We just built a new observation tower where you can go up and you can kind of see out to the bison and view the lake and we added that this summer and so we were kind of inspired by those two things to have that be the heading/title of our event.”

The “Bison Haunted Hollow” event begins at 5 p.m. Saturday and will end at eight o’clock. Bieret says it looks like “lovely” fall weather is forecast.

“Not scary at all,” Bieret says. “I think the scariest part about it is just that towards the evening it’s going to get darker, but we are trying to make it something that’s centered around Halloween, but is definitely family friendly.”

The Carroll Library is setting up a half-mile guided walk through the playground, featuring a fall-related story. Swan Lake is a state-owned park, but it has been managed by Carroll County Conservation since 1950.