Iowans who have a yard full of leaves to rake and bag need to get at it today, as much colder weather, rain — and possibly snow — is coming soon.

Meteorologist Brooke Hagenhoff, at the National Weather Service, says to get your yard work done before the sun goes down tonight or those piles of leaves will be soaking wet. “Today is kind of our last warm day of the week,” Hagenhoff says. “We’ve got highs in the mid-70s with a pretty breezy south wind as we go through the day. Gusts may be 20-25-plus miles an hour, but we’ve got a decently strong cold front is going to come through here late tonight and then through the day on Friday.”

Temperatures may start off in the 50s and 60s on Friday morning, but they’re expected to fall throughout the day as showers and thunderstorms move across the state. “With those cooler temperatures, parts of western Iowa might see a little bit of snow on Saturday morning as well,” Hagenhoff says. “Not looking at too much accumulation, mainly on grassy surfaces, just a bit of a dusting, but maybe our first snowfall of the year for some out west.”

While many Iowans have been enjoying outdoor activities in this week’s unseasonable November warmth, the rainfall will be welcome in helping to recharge soil moisture levels. “Our drought has us several inches below normal for the year, but with a widespread one to two, maybe even a few lucky areas up to three-plus inches, this will definitely be a good step in the right direction,” Hagenhoff says. “It’s not a drought-buster by any means, but it’s definitely going the way that we need to be going.”

The driest months of the year for Iowa are just ahead, December, January and February.