A printing error caused a board of supervisors race to be left off the ballot in one precinct in rural Linn County on Tuesday, but officials say the mistake didn’t have an impact on the outcome.

Iowa’s Secretary of State says the ballots used in Putnam Township did not list the race between Republican Mark Banowetz and Democrat Kristen Running-Marquardt. Banowetz says he was denied the chance to see how he did in his own community.

“I wish it would show up differently that I won in the town I live in,” Banowetz says, laughing, “but I don’t think they’re going to be able to correct that unless we do a recount or something.” Linn County Auditor Joel Miller said it was his fault for not catching the ballot error.

Banowetz says it was a real shock to realize something was wrong with his ballot. “What I did is I went in to vote, I went up and got my ballot, went over, sat down, went through and started marking off all the different people I wanted to win,” Banowetz says. “I got done and thought, ‘Wait, where’s my name at?’ So I read through the ballot on the front a couple times, and the back a couple times and it was just not there.”

Reports show 57% of Linn County residents voted for Banowetz’ opponent. He’d need to gain 4,000 votes in Putnam Township to win the seat, but the precinct only has about 2,000 registered voters. While the result may not change, Banowetz says he’s weighing his options on whether to call for a special election.

(By Zachary Oren Smith, Iowa Public Radio)

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